Hostel Lefteris and Loukia

Hostel Lefteris and Loukia, Neraida, Trikala, Greece

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Πεζοπορίες - Περιηγήσεις

Walking & Hiking - Region excursions

In the South East of  Tzoumerka mountains , by the border of prefectures of Trikala and Arta, the Hostel Lefteris and Loukia in the village of Neraida Trikala, is the ideal place to stay for short or long holidays for all seasons. Endless options for tours in an area of forests, natural springs and rushing rivers, spectacular gorges and alpine plateaus.

The chapel of  St. Lias
The path from Neraida, after a wonderful walk to the wild beauty of nature through the forest on the slopes of the Southern Tzoumerka, leads an average hiker in about 1 hour to the chapel of St. Lias. Spot with a great view, where gaze unobstructed travels east to the  Messochora dam and Acheloos river, west overlooks the Kostilata plateau and the village of Theodoriana while echoing around the sound of the water of the river Gouras while its abundant water supplies Aspropotamos river.
neraida_ai_lias ai-lias_kostilata1
A view of Neraida from St. Lias Snow in the chapel of St. Lias and Kostilata

The waterfalls of Souda outside Theodoriana village

In 10 min distance by car we reach Theodoriana village and in a short distance (10 min) we meet a path that drive us down to the shallow waters of the Aspri Goura river. By the river and from the side of  St Lias is a path that leads in about 20 min walk to the famous twin waterfalls of Souda.

Nearby trails
From our hostel start several short trips on the east slopes of Tzoumerka mountains, lasting about 20 minutes and reach to Grevenitis river.

Old bridge over the Grevenitis river
Grevenitis at the foot of a gorge

Swimming in Aspropotamos (Acheloos river)
Within walking distance from the hostel could reach Aspropotamos (Acheloos river). The shortest trip takes 10 minutes, but there are many different places that we can reach the river.
Swimming in the river and diving of the surrounding cliffs are a unique experience and an opportunity for rejuvenation. The trees on the banks hide breathtaking routes, follow the paths alongside the river or walk in shallow places in the riverbed.

The monastery of Agia Kyriaki
The route through the stone pastures leads to the monastery of Agia Kyriaki, famous pilgrimage for residents of the villages of the region. The festival, held on July 7, is a top religious event and thousands of pilgrims gathered in a celebration going on with local food , traditional music and dances.

The church of Agii Taxiarches
The path in about 2 hours , crossing the Grevenitis river, leads to the church of Agii Taxiarches on the opposite ridge.

Mountaineering - Off road routes

Tzoumerka mountain is suitable for climbing or routes with 4x4. In an extension of mountains to the south, by the border of prefectures of Trikala and Arta, the Neraida village and the Hostel Lefteris and Loukia, is an ideal place to start your tour on the slopes of South Pindos, finding and knowing the dozens of natural springs, the welcoming villages, the forests and the beauty of the mountains.
Indicative routes:

To the top of the mountain - Kriakoras
Cross the Neraida village and follow the forest road. At the end of  the road is the Neraida spring. The limpid spring water remains cold even in August.

From the route up to Neraida spring

Adventurous people continue climbing to the mountain peak , Kriakoras.
Admire the beauty of wild nature in East Tzoumerka. Watch the video where Mountaineering club members starting from our hostel, conquer the mountain.
On the way to the top
The square of Neraida
Kriakoras, in the depth
The route with snow

From Neraida to Katarraktis and Melissourgoi
Exciting 4 x4 trails through the ridges of the southern Pindos, from Neraida to Katarraktis village with the famous 35-meter waterfalls or to the old village Melissourgoi.

Ο διπλός καταρράκτης στα Θεοδώριανα
Ο Αχελώος στα πόδια της Νεράιδας
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